Photo Courtesy UNSOM Somalia

Women’s Role in Good Governance.

Good and democratic governance is one promoting open, efficient and consistent participation of women on all levels of policy-making – global, national, regional and local. Promoting democracy and the rule of law. That cannot go further without the involvement of women and with placing them at a disadvantaged position. Women of today are fighting for employment, recognition and equality in the region  while doing their best to raise the children of tomorrow. A  region, who made the wrong turn towards social injustice and turned its back to women Over the recent years, the need for more economic and social dimension of gender balance in policy making and business leadership has become increasingly prominent. However, the various initiatives and actions undertaken are fragmented in terms of coverage and timescale. Given the strong political and economic case for improving gender equality in decision-making, there is a need to ensure that this issue is addressed in coherent and systematic manner.

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