Training Journalists on freedom of expression and and Human rights/conflict sensitive reporting.

Activity 1.1.
Training Journalists on Freedom of Expression and Human Rights/Conflict-sensitive reporting.
In respect to the current situation of the country, Somalia stays one of the riskiest places for journalists to operate freely, regrettably, many young and ambitious journalists end up being killed, abducted, or injured in the line of their duties, the absence of reliable security in this noble professional became a threat to reliable news and increased the biased information received by the public. Journalists across the country work under a fearful situation which paved the path for many of them to flee and cross the border to the neighboring countries, while others are operating in hostile situations,

The low level of journalistic knowledge also contributed many to face challenges. People’s Aid Foundation PAF in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) United Nations Mission In Somalia (UNSOM) conducted training for more than 30 journalists based in Mogadishu and neighboring towns.
The training focused on freedom of expression human rights and conflict-sensitive reporting.

News reporting is a critical and sensitive part of the course journalism practice and can create a long-lasting negative or positive impact depending on its handle.
Establishing a better understanding of conflict-sensitive reporting was emphasized in course of the training, this shade lights journalists to make better and thorough research, edit and choose better wording during the disperse of the information to the public

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