Sexual-Gender Based Violence(SGBV)

Sexual-Gender based violence (SGBV) is a violation of human rights We’re working to transform attitudes towards girls and women that perpetuate violence against them. PAF is working to further gender equality and women’s empowerment, and to address the physical and emotional consequences of gender-based violence. PAF offer’s psychosocial assistance, medical treatment and rape kits to survivors, and promote the right of all women and girls to live free of violence and abuse.

Sexual-Gender based violence disproportionately affects girls and women, particularly through certain forms of violence such as child marriage, intimate partner violence, female genital mutilation, ‘honour’ killings or trafficking. For this reason, People’s Aid Foundation focuses on ending violence against girls and young women – to meet their increased needs and to advocate for their rights.

Gender Development is a cross-cutting theme and an integral dimension of the organisation’s design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its policies and programmes.
People’s Aid Foundation new paradigm of peace and security involves a comprehensive process of social reconstruction and a transformation of social relationships, values, identities, ideologies and social institutions and calls for the participation of women in peace building, and decision making.

Humanitarian response: We ensure communities are prepared for disasters,

and support emergency relief efforts through the provision of supplies and

on-the-ground support.

People’s Aid Foundation(PAF) takes a proactive, outcome-oriented approach

of identifying specific points at which substantive and process-related inputs

can have the highest impact. In this way, PAF seeks to efficiently produce

results that are high quality, timely and effective.