Peace, Security and Development.

Guaranteed security is not only a pre-requisite for peaceful co-existence of local communities but also a major determining factor that can either pull or push local and external investment opportunities. Protracted community conflicts are a now emerging as serious risk with the potential of causing economic stagnation as well as social disruption. To amicably, address these challenges, PAF undertake peace building and conflict resolution component that is aimed at building co-existence and long lasting solution for conflicts.

PAF brings local stakeholders such as the community and religious leaders, local administration, development partners and the youths in order to design and provide lasting solutions to the menace.  People’s Aid Foundation’s implements an approach that concentrates on youth empowerment, social and economic inclusion, media, improved local governance, and reconciliation. Activities implemented by PAF are tailored to meet the specific needs of the youths as well as strengthening further the role played by women in promoting peace and security.


PAF therefore believes that young people if given the necessary material support and the skills have the energy, creativity and will to do things differently in their lifetime. They are an asset to the development of their countries and communities and can become influential leaders and ambassadors of positive change


Our livelihoods and employment programs support young people to pursue the self-employment dream.  PAF uses a step-by-step approach to supporting youth to build and grow market-driven enterprises and skills. We identify existing, or establish new, youth groups and support them to register and develop strong governance structures. We provide training in core life-skills including governance and leadership and enterprise development targeting business planning, networking, and marketing. As part of the training, PAF support the youth groups to undertake a rapid market assessment and draw on this to identify a market-driven enterprise.


In order to ensure the sustainability of these youth based trainings and livelihood developments, we link the groups to national and county based financial and credit institutions in order to access the much needed seed capital and the mentoring support tailored to their particular enterprise. We support the groups to access the financial support required by providing training in financial literacy, supporting them to establish savings groups, and connecting them to financial institutions such as Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) as well as local decentralized national government funds such as the Youth Enterprise Funds & Women Enterprise Fund