Training University Students leaders on Human Rights.

Human Rights Education has become an internationally recognized method for promoting human rights on a
local, national, and global levels among many levels of stakeholders.

Knowledge of rights and freedoms is considered a fundamental tool to guarantee respect for the rights of all. Students are trained in basic principles of legal analysis, as well as on substantive human rights law and norms. Additionally, students critically analyze the history and development of the global human rights movement. This seminar aims to equip participants with the ability to assess situations of injustice through a human rights lens. Learning institutions are powerhouses where great minds and brains gather, with the end result of finding solutions to challenges in the communities we live in, It is also important to acknowledge that we all come from different communities and regions of the country where human rights issues and needs vary. That multi-cultural representation is the diversity we celebrate as a  so that together we speak for human rights as one people and one nation,” Almost 40 students participated in this training.

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