PAF Somalia

Training Journalists on freedom of expression
Human rights & Conflict sensitive reporting.

Somalia continues to face a significant  challenge in freedom  of expression, human rights and safe grounds for journalists.  In partnership with United Nations Development program UNDP. People’s Aid Foundation PAF Conducted  Training for the journalists in Mogadishu and the neighboring towns on Freedom expression, Human rights and conflict sensitive reporting.

More than 30 Journalists benefitted from the training.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Along with its corollaries of freedom of information and press freedom, freedom of expression serves as an enabler of all other rights. The Organization work hand in hand in with international and local partners to increase the awareness of Human rights and how journalism can be an agent of human rights protection.

The Organization has a long-running involvement in issues pertaining to human rights and freedom of expression. Therefore, supports independent media in conflict areas and countries in transition to enable them to play an active role in conflict prevention and resolution and the transition towards stable democracy.

Conflict sensitive reporting.

Reporting on violent conflict may be the most dangerous assignment for a journalist. This on-the-ground perspective is critical for understanding conflict, but it also poses a serious threat to reporters in the field. Reporters, however, can also create risks for victims of conflict and can even escalate conflicts. For this reason, it is critical that journalists, as well as peace and development professionals, approach their work with a mindset of “do no harm.”

Training University Lecturers on Policy process in Human Rights

Policy formulation and Human rights
– During the training session, participants discussed thoroughly how policy formulation can have an impact on the Human rights specially in Somalia.
– The way policy is formulated in Somalia which accounts 80% the traditional way of policy formulation and how it can affect the protection of human rights
Rule of law  and modern way of formulating policy is a concept many people have no clue in Somalia and understanding its impact and how crucial it is, is a long way that will take significant amount of time, all the university lecturers who attended the training session underlined making priority on how to educate students in the institutions they operate.

Training University lecturers in Mogadishu