Our Mandate

A peaceful united and healthy world that offers every individual the opportunity to have a say and be involved in the socio-economic development decisions affecting them

To promote the socio-economic development of the vulnerable members of the local communities by providing services and interventions that respond to their needs and aspirations.

PAF’s mandate is:

  1. To strengthen the capacities of societies to manage conflict in non[1]violent, non-coercive ways by assisting community actors in their efforts to develop social and political cohesion.
  2. To assist the international community to play a more effective role in supporting sustainable peacebuilding efforts in the world

We strive to protect the right to life by reducing and addressing the root causes of conflicts and working for their peaceful and just transformation.
 Partnership and respect: The relationships we build with communities and governments around the world are based on the principles of equality and respect.
 Respect for local culture and belief in the power of local capacities, ideas, and solutions.
 Trust between people is a critical foundation for lasting peace. Integrity in ensuring that we are principled, forthright, and sincere. Participation is key as active interaction transforms relationships.

Equipping local people to develop their own peacebuilding solutions and mechanisms
Our Good Governance and Democracy Program focuson enhancing relations between elected representatives, appointed officials and citizens. We work to strengthen effective, accountable and inclusive governance in the grounds we operate in Kenya and the Federal Republic of Somalia and address the structural barriers to equitable, accountable and transparent governance, and to mitigate local level conflict and marginalization. The program uses communication for development approaches to address the lack of strong good governance systems in the countries we operate, which has an impact on processes of institutionalizing democracy as well as facilitating citizen driven development. To this effect, the program promotes citizen participation in the devolution processes and equips the media with skills to contribute to preventing and mitigating conflict.