Dialogue meeting on Safety of women journalists in conflict Situations.

Dialogue meeting between the media and the National Institutions working with security (police, military) on the
protection and safety of women journalists in conflict situations.
The move to protect women journalists during and after the newsroom is a matter of priority, due to several Co-joined factors, women journalists in Somalia face a huge challenge beyond the journalism professional, while regrettably many of the women journalists become a victim to even close-by men whom they know.

A significant number of women are involved in journalism. They are contributing to the society for economic prosperity and changing the attitude towards the development and peace concept and process. A salient change has come into the social attitude which is symbolized by women’s advancement in the journalism sector.
These contributions also are paving the way for female and human emancipation. So it is important to find out what are the challenges that women journalists face in their professional environment, especially during the conflict situation.
This dialogue meeting between the media and the national institutions also brought the sense and the need for a round table discussion with government institutions, especially the security sector. 40 female journalists participated in the dialogue meeting with representatives from the nationals.



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