Stories beyond Human progress, touching the lives of families and individuals we reach, Stories full of hope, determination, and resilience that pave the way for the world we want.

A change in gender relations, women’s empowerment, and abolishing negative traditional gender stereotypes are key to achieving gender equality and would benefit entire societies.

We are motivated primarily by the alleviation of human suffering: Our engagement in situations of violent conflict (or potential conflict) is driven principally by concern for societies and


Democracy, Peace and Development.

We aim to create peace and promote reconciliation, bring broken families together, give vulnerable children hope, and empower women and youth who have been affected by conflicts and terrorism. We work with the state governments and partners to prevent and resolve violent conflict and to alleviate human suffering resulting from conflicts and other crises around the country.

Guaranteed security is not only a prerequisite for the peaceful co-existence of local communities but also a major determining factor that can either pull or push local and external investment opportunities. Protracted community conflicts are now emerging as a serious risk with the potential of causing economic stagnation as well as social disruption. To amicably, address these challenges, PAF undertakes a peacebuilding and conflict resolution component that is aimed at building co-existence and long-lasting solutions for conflicts.

PAF brings local stakeholders such as the community and religious leaders, local administration, development partners, and the youths in order to design and provide lasting solutions to the menace.  People’s Aid Foundation implements an approach that concentrates on youth empowerment, social and economic inclusion, media, improved local governance, and reconciliation.


People’s Aid Foundation is simultaneously collaborating  its partners and the community in bringing visible change that will last long,

Our Partners

Our partners provide crucial support to our programs, and help us make lasting change. Together we can make change.